There are four main stages in the process of Rehabilitation. At The Banyans Health and Wellness, we know there is a demonstrated benefit in providing support at each stage of the integrated rehabilitation process.

Step 1. Decide To Get Help

Making the decision to ask for help is the first step. This decision can be triggered by lots of different reasons. It could be that your ongoing health challenges are causing your professional performance to diminish, you career is under threat, your family has asked you to get help, you have realised that your life can be better if you get well, or even because you have realised how much an addiction is costing you.

If you have a loved one who is not ready to get help, we have some trusted counsellors who can arrange effective interventions in a respectful and safe manner. Contact us now.


2. Detox or Medical Treatment

A medical assessment is an important step in your care and rehabilitation process. Unlike some other approaches, we believe that your medical care is best catered for by specialists in a medical setting for your peace of mind and superior care. We have a range of referring Medical Specialists, including Addiction Specialists who can provide treatment in private hospitals to help you detox comfortably and safely.  You will have the opportunity to discuss pharmacological relapse prevention treatment options with the medical specialists. The Banyans Health and Wellness will support you with transport, compassionate liaison and help with any communication or other requirements during this detox period. If you don’t need a detox, our Medical partners can give you comprehensive health assessments as well as reviewing your medication to provide recommendations. Whether you are suffering from addiction, emotional health concerns, chronic pain or other conditions which require medical treatment, don’t risk general care when specialist care is available. While some other rehabilitation centres combine stage two and three, The Banyans Health and Wellness has seen great success in separating them and providing coordinated support unique to each stage.


3. Residential Recovery

Following medical treatment, support for your recovery is an important part of the biopsychosocial care provided by The Banyans Health and Wellness.  This is a crucial step of caring for the whole person in an integrated manner.  Our Wellness Residence is a beautiful, luxury residence where you can recover and rejuvenate. Through psychological support, practical support and different wellbeing therapies, you can improve your physical and emotional resilience. In an environment of privacy and discretion, The Banyans Residence provides a place to breathe, supporting and nurturing the best health and wellbeing of each guest. Experience stunning, elevated views from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast within a luxurious, private and welcoming environment that provides the highest quality support during your rehabilitation journey as you focus on recovery. Your meals are prepared by chefs, in consultation with our Nutritionist, so you are nourished with food as medicine. A range of other therapies are included in our wellness program tailored for you. Read more about our therapies here.


4. Continuing Recovery

Recovery and resilience is a life-long journey. When you step out from the Wellness Residence, you will depart with an aftercare plan that you are confident in.  You will have been supported to consider and implement a range of factors shown to increase the long-term success of your recovery. Ongoing connection and support from our team helps you to embed the learnings from your residential recovery.