Your Free, Personalised Anxiety Quiz

Developed with our team of clinical psychologists, this online anxiety questionnaire will help shed light on the symptoms you’re experiencing and provide tailored feedback and support options which you may find helpful.

The quiz only takes a couple of minutes to complete. A personalised report will be emailed to you when you finish the quiz.


The Banyans Anxiety Quiz





Anxiety conditions are prevalent in Australia, affecting approximately 1 in 6 people annually and 1 in 4 people over their lifetime.

Anxiety is a complex and widespread mental health condition that affects countless individuals worldwide. It manifests through a range of physical and emotional symptoms that vary between individuals in terms of intensity and duration:

  • Physically, individuals may experience a racing heart, shortness of breath, trembling, sweating, and stomach discomfort.
  • Emotionally, anxiety can lead to excessive worry, restlessness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, and fatigue.

The impact of anxiety extends beyond immediate signs, significantly affecting daily life and overall wellbeing. It can hamper your ability to function at work or school, maintain relationships, and engage in everyday activities.


The Importance Taking an Anxiety Quiz

Self-assessment empowers you to take control of your wellbeing and seek help. By taking our anxiety quiz, you can examine your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, gaining a deeper understanding of your experiences.

We all experience some anxiety as a part of our normal lives, making it difficult to determine what’s ‘normal’ and what might need further support. Self-assessment helps you become more self-aware, enabling you to differentiate anxiety symptoms from everyday stress. It can also help you understand your emotional wellbeing over time, identifying changes in anxiety levels and potential triggers.



Our mental health professionals have carefully crafted a series of questions assessing various anxiety-related aspects, such as thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and physical symptoms.

You’ll receive an overall evaluation based on your responses, helping you better understand the intensity of your anxiety symptoms.



Confidentiality and privacy are paramount when taking The Banyans Anxiety Quiz.

The quiz is designed to be completed anonymously, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable disclosing your honest thoughts and feelings. Personal information is handled with the utmost care and is kept strictly confidential, complying with privacy regulations and ethical standards.


Navigating the Quiz Process

  • Answering the questions openly and truthfully is essential to ensure an accurate self-evaluation.
  • Take your time and consider your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and physical symptoms while responding.
  • Reflect on any recent experiences and take your time to provide honest responses. This will ensure an effective results report.



After completing the quiz, you’ll receive your results via email. This will include a comprehensive report that interprets your anxiety levels based on your responses and additional information regarding:

  • Guidance on the severity of your symptoms.
  • Recommendations for self-care.
  • Recommendations for further support.
  • Advice on how to manage anxiety in your life.


This report is valuable in understanding the severity of anxiety symptoms and identifying areas that may require attention or further support. It’s important to note that the anxiety quiz results are not a formal diagnosis but rather a self-assessment tool. If you’re concerned about your mental health, seek support from a qualified mental health professional who can provide a thorough evaluation and personalised treatment recommendations.


Interpreting Your Anxiety Quiz Results

The Banyans Anxiety Quiz utilises a scoring system to assess your anxiety levels based on your responses. The scoring system assigns points to different answers, and the total score categorises the severity of symptoms.

Your results will help you get a clearer view of your symptoms and assist you in differentiating between ‘normal stress’ and potential anxiety. Your results will be categorised under one of the following:



These results suggest you’re experiencing minimal anxiety symptoms and signify that anxiety does not appear to impact your daily life and well-being significantly.



This result means you’re experiencing moderate anxiety symptoms and suggests that anxiety affects certain areas of your life. Based on this result, you may benefit from some support or intervention.



These results suggest you’re experiencing pronounced and impactful anxiety symptoms and show high distress. Based on this result, you should seek professional help and comprehensive support.


Your individual results report will also provide proactive recommendations for the next steps, ways to help manage your anxiety symptoms, and avenues for further support.


Utilising Your Anxiety Quiz Results for Self-Care

Your results provide valuable insights into your anxiety symptoms and triggers. With this information, your can explore and implement coping strategies that align with your unique needs.

This may include self-care techniques such as:

  • Relaxation exercises
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Establishing routines
  • Engaging in activities that promote emotional well-being.


If your results indicate significant symptoms or you feel overwhelmed, seeking professional assistance can be beneficial. Mental health professionals can provide expert guidance, therapy, and treatment options tailored to your circumstances. Their expertise can support you in navigating anxiety and developing effective strategies for long-term management.

Essentially, you should view your results as a starting point for further exploration of anxiety and its symptoms in your life. Your results report provides an excellent basis from which to keep learning.

The Banyans Stress & Anxiety E-Book download is the perfect resource for anyone wanting to continue this journey of self-discovery. Providing additional information, tips, and tools to help you understand and manage your stress and anxiety more effectively, our e-book empowers you to take further proactive steps towards well-being.


The Banyans Anxiety Treatment Programs

The Banyans Anxiety Quiz

For individuals who require more intensive support, The Banyans offers anxiety treatment programs, including residential programs, day programs, and online programs, designed to address the underlying causes and provide specialised care. These programs integrate evidence-based therapies, holistic approaches, and a supportive environment to promote recovery and overall wellness.

Ready to start your journey today? Speak to our expert team 24/7 on 1300 986 957, or enquire below.