Achieving Better Mental Health with Our Depression Retreat for People Living in Melbourne

During Uncertain times, consider our Banyans at home program. All the intensive care of a mental health program from the safety & security of your home.


Depression is a debilitating mental illness that affects around 1 million adults around Australia a year. Depression isn’t merely a feeling of sadness and anxiety isn’t just nerves. We understand that these mental illnesses develop from a combination of social, genetic, biochemical, psychological and physical factors. Depression doesn’t discriminate, and can affect different people in different ways. We know that asking for help in achieving better mental health isn’t easy, so when you’re ready to reach out we’ll be ready to listen.

At The Banyans, we provide our guests with an integrated and holistic approach to therapy. We believe that it’s important to look at and identify the underlying causes of depression, as well as correcting any neurochemical and biochemical imbalances.

To help those staying at our depression rehabilitation centre, we treat the entire person; mind, body and spirit to ensure the best chance of recovery on their way to better mental health. Our staff present beneficial, world-class therapy that gives terrific success rates to people from Victoria, New South Wales and around Australia.

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Why People in Victoria Are Choosing Our Depression Retreat Centre

The Banyans offers our guests a luxury retreat at our Queensland-based treatment centre, while providing them with high-quality, compassionate and confidential care in a beautiful natural setting. Our staff have a vision to help people overcome depression and to experience the fullness of life again. Whatever walk of life you are from, or what stage you are at in life, discretion is of the utmost importance to us. There is no group therapy as part of our treatment, so your confidentiality is protected.

The Banyans presents all individual therapy programs during the course of your stay to make sure that you can easily return to your work and personal lifestyle.

We help people become the very best versions of themselves.


Why The Banyans Is The Right Depression Treatment Retreat For You

We take your treatment seriously by presenting empathetic and practical support along with various medical psychological and wellbeing therapies that can help improve your physical and mental strength. We are one of the best residential depression rehabilitation centres in the country for people in Victoria and the rest of Australia.

If you have questions regarding our depression treatment programs, or if you’re ready to start treatment please contact our team on +61 1300 226 926 or submit a form below for a comprehensive residential and aftercare program. When you’re ready to begin your road to recovery, we’ll be here to listen 24 hours a day.