Stress and burnout can leave you feeling well off your A-game. Start the new year with your best foot forward by making the decision to regain your health and wellbeing at The Banyans: a private rest and recovery centre for the treatment of burnout and chronic stress.




Discover a Performance Retreat that can help you regain control of stress, and enjoy the rewards of a high-performance life.

The Banyans Health and Wellness

Feeling drained, cynical or unmotivated?

Burnout and chronic stress can turn your passion into pessimism, and your fight into fatigue. You may be feeling unmotivated, creatively dry and cynical. What if this wasn’t just job or life dissatisfaction, but rather, your body asking you to rest, recharge, and regain your spark?

There is a solution, and it’s waiting for you.

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Features of The Banyans

Discover the Banyans Difference

  • Flexible retreat program at The Banyans Wellness and Recovery Residence, located in the serene surrounds of Brisbane’s mountainous hinterland;
  • Rest in private luxury accommodation with marble ensuite, onsite gym, infinity pool, and recreational areas for relaxation and reflection;
  • Receive trusted treatment from a highly qualified and experienced team of registered Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Exercise Professionals, Nutritionists and support staff.
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Smart CEOs and Senior Executives recognise the return on investment from taking time to focus on their mental, physical and emotional health.

Our tailored process

Your future in mind

Tell us your needs.

Feeling apathetic, unmotivated and drained are not ingredients for personal or career success. In fact, they may be the things that sabotage your goals.

Tell us your needs, and we will answer all of your questions.


The Banyans exists to help high-performing individuals regain their passion, creativity and motivation.

To ensure that we help you in the best way possible, you will do an assessment over the phone with one of our senior team members.

Program Design

Our team will help you design a personalised Performance Program, anywhere from seven to fourteen days. Your program will be flexible, all-inclusive, and quoted up front.

Welcome to The Banyans

It is time for you to begin your program at The Banyans Health and Wellness. The personalised approach will give you the time, space, tools and strategies required to get you back to your best self – and help you stay on top.

Post Residential Support

Access post-residential care and support to help you stay on track when you return to every day life, and continue your personal growth and restoration.

Each of therapy inclusion work to help restore and rejuvenate the whole person; equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and strength required to overcome personal and professional challenges.

Maximize your productivity by investing in recovery

When we are experiencing ongoing pressure or burnout, our ability to cope in stressful situations may be hindered. The good news is: we can regain our resilience and get back on top.

The Banyans is experienced in helping individuals with high-stress jobs take back their mental and personal health, and maximize their productivity.

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Our luxury residence

Recalibrate in comfort

Benefit from a team of devoted, qualified professionals.

With the guidance of degree-qualified health and wellness professionals, the research-based therapies at The Banyans will give you with the space, time, tools and strategies to regain control and optimize your life.

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Benefit from research-based therapies

Your tailored therapeutic schedule may include:

  • Traditional psychological and emotional therapies, like psychology and mindfulness;
  • Performance coaching and DISC profile analysis;
  • Personal training, exercise plans and yoga therapy;
  • Access to genetic nutritional testing, balanced restaurant chef-made meals and personalized dietary education;
  • Recreation and rest activities, both onsite at The Banyans and at various locations offsite.
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Luxury Suites to Recover in Comfort

The therapies you will experience throughout your time at The Banyans will be rich and intensive. It’s important to take time to rest and recharge in luxury. Our private suites are fully equipped for you to relax in privacy.

You are also welcome to utilize our beautiful amenities and facilities, including a cinema style theatre, industry equipped gym, casual lounge areas, resort style infinity pool and stunning outdoor spaces.

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Engage in a Performance Program at The Banyans.


High performing individuals understand that time is money – every second counts in the rapidly moving world of business. Every minute that you are not performing at your peak is a detriment to your personal and career success.


Continue to grow your business, personal life and creativity with tools and skills to thrive. We are ready to help you take back your passion, and regain your spark.