Research has undeniably supported the beneficial role exercise plays in recovery from mental health challenges, chronic stress, and substance misuse or addiction.

At The Banyans Health and Wellness, tailored physical health therapies are incorporated into each program to help you recalibrate the physical aspects of your body’s health and wellbeing.

Exercise physiology

Our physical health team is lead by an exercise physiologist, who designs individual exercise plans for each guest of The Banyans. Your plan will take into account your current level of physical fitness, mobility, flexibility and other existing conditions. Body measurements (such as lean muscle mass and percentage of body fat) are taken at the beginning and end of your program to track your progress.

Personal training

A personal trainer will work with you to activate your physical health plan designed by our exercise physiologist. These sessions will motivate and inspire you to adopt healthy exercise habits and will also grow healthy lifestyle leadership and discipline.

Exercise Physiologist correct technique at best drug rehab facility

Yoga therapy

Our qualified yoga therapist has been practicing yoga therapy for more than twenty years. At The Banyans, yoga is designed to help guests achieve a more peaceful, balanced state of mind and body. Yoga has been shown to help the body rebalance, improve alertness, muscle tone, core strength, flexibility and stamina. Guests are encouraged to engage in yoga practice three times a week while at The Banyans.

Massage therapy

The Banyans is proud to partner with massage therapists at Stephanie’s Spa to provide guests with a relaxing and therapeutic experience. As the health benefits of massage exceed just pain and stress relief, it forms a part of the wellness plan developed for each guest of The Banyans.

Physiotherapy and osteopathy

Where chronic pain or muscular concerns limit your movement, our professional network of therapeutic providers includes osteopaths and physiotherapists. Our physiotherapist can provide onsite consultations and treatments for a variety of health conditions.

Personal Trainer
Tristan Botha

With more than ten years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, Tristan has completed numerous qualifications in personal training and exercise, nutrition, motivational psychology, and leadership. Tristan has inspired hundreds of people to transform their lives in the area of physical health and wellbeing. With a focus on developing healthy habits and growing personal leadership, Tristan adapts your personal training to your individual needs and level of fitness. His positive and enthusiastic nature means that he brings energy to your program that is both motivational and encouraging.

Yoga Therapist
Carli Treacy

Carli is a qualified yoga therapist and leads instruction for guests of The Banyans Wellness Residence. Carli focuses on physical strength, flexibility and alignment exercises throughout her classes. Guests who have participated in yoga, even if for the first time, have noticed improvements in posture, breathing, core strength and inner-peace. As a qualified yoga therapist, Carli has been teaching for 14 years in Australia.

Tailored physical therapies are incorporated into each program to help you recalibrate the physical aspects of your body’s health and wellbeing.