At some point, we all hit a turning point in life where we know deep down inside that we must make a change for the better. Whether you’re feeling burnt out, out of control, or simply need an identity refresh for a range of personal reasons…Now is the time to act!

In order to regain control and build a successful future for you and your loved ones, you need to take the first step. The Banyans are here to help you take that first step, while making it easy, comfortable and positive. Our programs will help you transform your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in a lasting way.

The Banyans offers Brisbane’s premier wellbeing programs, offering you confidential support for mental health and dependency concerns. Offering three streams of high-quality care to make impactful change; a more-immersive inpatient Residential Program, a flexible outpatient Day Program, or a hybrid program that gives you the best of both worlds. The Banyans can assure you, and your loved ones, confidential support for mental health or dependency concerns.


Residential Program | A live-in retreat for focused rehabilitation, located in Brisbane’s picturesque hinterland


Day Program | Tailored outpatient Day Programs for more flexible care, conveniently located in Brisbane’s inner-city


Hybrid Program | Offering the best of both worlds – begin with our intensive Residential Program as a ‘circuit-breaker’ to your recovery, then maintain & sustain your goals with our flexible Day Program



Our welcoming environment offers the best services to help you move towards a brighter future through our programs. With daily therapeutic treatments leading to effective and proven results, The Banyans offers an integrated, holistic approach to measurable, ongoing change.



It’s never too late to life the fuller life you deserve

The Banyans provide luxury mental health retreats and flexible day programs built on the understanding that mental health is a crucial factor in our physical health and wellbeing. Whether issues are arising from family dynamics, work stress, an overloaded schedule or underlying mental health concerns – taking the first step to addressing your mental health is the most significant change you, or your loved one, can make towards leading a fuller life.

With sophisticated program offerings that are tailored for the needs of each guest, The Banyans programs work with each guest in a personalised, one-on-one manner, delivering measurable changes within an environment of excellence. Our welcoming environment enables guests to feel relaxed and supported during their experience.



“Thank you for helping me at this point in my life. I feel so different from when I arrived and am excited to return home fresh and with a new understanding of the underlying issues that have caused me to run off track all my life. This has truly been a life-changing experience for me. Thank you to the incredible clinical team, nutritionists, chefs, and exercise therapists for your support during my program.”


Woman relaxing in The Banyans Residential Program

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Committed to excellence

Our programs bring together qualified, expert practitioners to deliver integrated mental health treatment and recovery.

Our programs support our guests to make life-long changes. You will experience:

How could I benefit from The Banyans programs?

  • Entirely one-on-one therapy, no group therapy. This means you get personalised support and the complete focus of your clinician – with privacy assured.
  • Our holistic and integrated approach applies a biopsychosocial framework – addressing the medical, emotional, physical and nutritional aspects of your wellbeing.
  • Priority access to premium healthcare and hard-to-access medical professionals.
  • Programs are tailored specifically to your unique needs.
  • Programs are delivered within luxurious facilities, with all needs catered for. All that you need to do is focus on getting well.



The Banyans Residence

Residential Programs

The Banyans Residential Program is renowned for world-class, comprehensive rehabilitation that works to restore and rejuvenate the whole person – equipping guests with the required tools to overcome their challenges. Receive individualised, one-on-one sessions across our four pillars of treatment: Medical, Psychological, Nutritional and Physical. Supporting an intimate group of up to ten guests at a time, The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence offers clients true luxury within an immersive mental health retreat setting.

Enjoy The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence – with breathtaking and uninterrupted views of the surrounding Brisbane’s hinterland. Here, guests can also enjoy our:

  • Priority access to The Banyans multidisciplinary team of medical specialists and health practitioners.
  • Individual luxury suites
  • Infinity pool
  • Nutritionally balanced meals
  • Onsite industry-equipped gym
  • Movement therapy
  • Art & Music therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Cinema



The Banyans Health Plus

Day Programs


We understand that taking extended time away from home isn’t an option for everyone. That’s why we designed our Day Program which delivers the same renowned world-class treatment of our Residential Program – yet offers the flexibility of attending our luxurious and centrally located Bowen Hills facility just one day per week. Day Programs are designed to be compact, convenient and intensive, as we would never want time to be a barrier to treatment.

Offering six-to-twelve-week programs, delivered one day per week, guests receive;

  • Priority access to The Banyans multidisciplinary team of medical specialists and health practitioners.
  • Nourishing meals
  • Yoga studio
  • Industry-equipped gym
  • Workspace lounge to allow guests to catch up on work as needed
  • Luxurious amenities



The Banyans

Hybrid Programs



We understand the recovery journey isn’t always linear and that sustainable recovery takes time and maintenance. For some, taking more extended periods away from life’s demands isn’t always realistic, though sometimes we just need that ‘circuit-breaker’ a live-in retreat offers. That’s why we developed our flexible Hybrid Program – offering guests the best of both worlds for a sustained journey to recovery. By beginning your journey with the focused intensity of the Residential Program, and then maintaining your results with our Day Program, guests can achieve their goals without needing to commit to a more extended stay in our Residential Program.

Our Hybrid Program offers all the benefits included in our Residential and Day Programs – with the added benefits of a more flexible and sustainable journey to recovery.

  • Priority access to The Banyans multidisciplinary team of medical specialists and health practitioners.
  • Use of facilities, amenities and therapeutic treatments, including; individual luxury suites, infinity pool, nutritionally-balanced meals, industry-equipped gym, yoga studio, movement therapy, art & music therapy, equine therapy, cinema and more.
  • Offers a flexible option for those who may not be able to commit to a more extended period in our Residential Program.
  • Allows guests to maintain their recovery goals through the sustained approach of our Day Program.


By speaking with our expert intake team and clinicians, we can advise the most effective Hybrid Program suited to your needs and goals.




We offer a range of individualised, comprehensive treatment programs, including Residential Programs, Day Programs and Online Consultations. Residential Programs can start from $19,950 and Day Programs from $3,350. Less therapeutically intensive options are also available and our experienced team can help you talk through the options that might be most suitable for you.

Professional registrations

Our highly experienced team are registered with and regulated by the relevant industry organisations.

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The Banyans recovery programs support guests to achieve long-lasting, measurable results. Our comprehensive medical and biopsychosocial approach makes The Banyans Australia’s premium residential recovery program.

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