Discover Australia’s Best Luxury Mental Health Treatment Programs

If you’re in need of mental health treatments and recovery services, The Banyans provides the highest quality of supportive care within our luxury mental health retreat and day program clinic.

Offering support options including:

A live-in retreat for focused rehabilitation, located in Brisbane’s picturesque hinterland

Tailored integrated day programs for more flexible care, located in Brisbane’s inner-city

With rising tensions from work, relationships, family, friends and communities contributing to increased stress levels, it’s more important than ever if you or your loved one is experiencing mental health difficulties to find the clarity and tools you need.

Our welcoming environment offers the best services to help you, or your loved one, move towards a brighter future through our residential and day programs.

With daily therapeutic treatments leading to effective and proven results, The Banyans offers an integrated, holistic approach to measurable, ongoing change.

The Banyans welcome guests from our local Brisbane area (and from all over the world) to our high-quality treatment programs.


Invest in your most important asset:
Your mental and physical wellbeing

The Banyans provides luxury mental health retreats and flexible day programs that are built on the foundational understanding that mental health is a crucial factor in our overall physical health and wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for support for yourself or your loved one, we offer the highest quality of confidential, compassionate and expert-led care.

Whether issues are arising from work stress, family dynamics, an overloaded schedule or underlying mental health concerns, taking control of your mental health is the most important change you can make for ongoing health and wellbeing.

Many of our clients include CEOs and Senior Executives who step out of their busy everyday lives in order to build towards a balanced and achievable future. With sophisticated program offerings that are tailored for the needs of guests, The Banyans works with each of its clients in a personalised, one-on-one manner, delivering measurable changes within an environment of excellence. Our welcoming environment enables guests to feel relaxed and supported during their experience.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for looking after me during my stay. When I arrived I was tired, stressed, sleepy and over my position in life and regretted some of the core decisions I had made over the last 5 years.

When I left, I felt energetic, happy and ready to tackle the world.

Most importantly I loved who I was and what I was bringing to the world again, after a couple of doubts. The food, the therapy, the grounds and surrounds, the exercise and the quiet really has got me back on track and I will forever be grateful.

– A CEO guest of The Banyans

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Committed to excellence

Our programs bring together qualified, expert practitioners to deliver integrated mental health treatment and recovery.

Our programs support our guests to make life-long changes. You will experience:

How could I benefit from a mental health retreat?

We cater to those who are seeking a tailored and integrated mental health retreat or flexible day program across support for:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Anxiety

We’ve built bespoke residential and day program offerings on an evidence-based testing and treatment foundation, enabling us to offer the best luxury mental health recovery program in Australia and New Zealand.

Our expert team of practitioners work one-on-one with our guests to build a growth and rehabilitation plan that encompasses all aspects of health and wellbeing.

The Banyans offers an environment of rest, wellness and inspired living, designed to equip each of our guests with the tools and clarity they need for a balanced and fulfilling life.


Achieve the change you want to see.

The Banyans offers a range of luxury mental health residential programs tailored to the needs and goals of each guest.

Receive individualised, one-on-one sessions across our four pillars of treatment: Medical, Psychological, Nutritional and Physical.

With psychology-focused programs that can equip guests with skills and strategies needed to cope with the challenges of everyday life, offerings that are aimed at restoring energy and a renewed vigour for life, and programs focused on building stronger relationships, our residential programs are tailored for all needs.

Enjoy The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence with breathtaking and uninterrupted views of the surrounding Brisbane’s hinterland. Here, guests can also enjoy our:

  • Individual luxury suites
  • Infinity pool
  • Nutritionally balanced meals
  • Onsite industry-equipped gym
  • Movement therapy
  • Art and Music therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Cinema

Supporting an intimate group of up to nine guests at a time, The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence offers clients true luxury within a mental health retreat setting.


Flexible treatment solutions, Everything is done for you so you can focus on you.

The Banyans day programs are catered to fit around a patient’s life to provide a sense of flexibility that isn’t often available. They are designed to be compact, convenient and intensive, as we would never want time to be a barrier for treatment.

Offering eight to twelve week programs whereby participants attend one day a week, guests benefit from a coordinated approach with a supportive team of health professionals throughout the program.


We offer a range of individualised, comprehensive treatment programs, including Residential Programs, Day Programs and Online Consultations. Residential Programs can start from $19,950 and Day Programs from $3,350. Less therapeutically intensive options are also available and our experienced team can help you talk through the options that might be most suitable for you.