Essential oils therapy, or aromatherapy as it is also known, is a therapy that utilises a plant’s aroma-producing oils to help treat disease or illness.


What Is Essential Oils Therapy at The Banyans?

The oils are taken from a plant’s flowers, stalks, bark, rind, roots or leaves. The oils are beneficial for many different ailments and they are used in a number of ways. They can be put on the skin, sprayed in the air, used in diffusers, inhaled or used in massage therapy.


How Does Aromatherapy Work?

Practitioners of aromatherapy understand that the oils stimulate the nerves in the nose, which sends impulses to the area of the brain that controls emotion and memory. Depending on the oil used, it can either stimulate or calm the body. Oils interact with a person’s hormones and enzymes to make changes to heart rate, blood pressure and other functions.


What Is Essential Oils Therapy Used For at The Banyans?

Many people use essential oils therapy to promote relaxation and to relieve stress. We use aromatherapy in a number of different ways, depending on the way it is to be used for treatment. Because aromatherapy is beneficial for a variety of ailments and illnesses, it is used for our clients depending on their needs.

To experience health and feel whole once more, The Banyans presents a luxury retreat to soothe and feel well through essential oils therapy. Our wellness retreat presents aromatherapy treatments that can help improve your physical and emotional strength, as well as help with stress relief.


Looking After Your Health With Essential Oils at The Banyans Luxury Rehab

We take recovery very seriously, which is why we just have the best and experienced personnel on our premises. From psychiatrists, therapists, nutritionists and chefs on our staff, we work to better understand you personally and support you throughout your rehabilitation process. Complete a contact form below and a friendly team member will be in touch.