Rehab for Drug Addiction at a Private Retreat

We provide a private and luxurious rehab for drug addiction. Our health and wellness centre is the ideal place to receive professional support for your recovery from our highly-trained and qualified staff. You will relax and unwind as you undergo tailored therapy in our tranquil environment.

Tips Regarding Our Rehab for Drug Addiction

Our retreat and approach to health and wellness cater to each guest individually. At our facility you will have:

  • An Initial Assessment: An initial medical assessment will give us a base-line of your current health. This essential assessment gives you the assurance that you are receiving the best medical treatment and assists our staff in tailoring a therapy program specific to your requirements.
  • One-on-One Therapy Sessions: We value your privacy and tailor your discrete recovery program with one-on-one therapy sessions. Our professional staff ensure confidentiality in this highly effective therapeutic approach. Your healing and recovery will be aided knowing that you feel safe at our centre.
  • Your Own Space: You will have a spacious suite in our wellness centre where you can relax, refresh and focus on your health. Your room is a private oasis that contains an ensuite, walk-in wardrobe, armchairs and a writing desk. Along with our beautiful gardens and poolside decks, you will find many areas to read and write as you journey along in your recovery. You will have plenty of free time to relax and heal with therapy sessions, exercise, appointments and other activities.

Problems Our Rehab for Drug Addiction Addresses

Our experienced and trained staff are degree-qualified and maintain professional registrations for their relevant authorities. This professional environment allows us to:

  • Tailor Individual Recovery Programs: Our trained and qualified staff enable us to tailor a program that is designed to help with your specific rehabilitation, health and wellness. We also have an array of activities to select from such as physical exercise, equine therapy, massages and other relaxation methods to aid in your wellness recovery.
  • Provide Ongoing Support: We give you ongoing support as needed and help you design a post-residential support program for when your residential stay is completed. Your aftercare program will include aspects that are tailored to your ongoing therapy and may consist of lifestyle requirements such as implementing a nutritional plan or helping you find regular psychiatric care.
  • Have Multidisciplinary Staff: We have qualified staff from a wide range of professional areas. These areas include staff trained in the areas of sleep management, addiction, nutrition, psychology, psychiatry, fitness and many more.

You will be well taken care of and receive superior support while you undergo therapy at our retreat.

About The Banyans Health and Wellness

Our team of dedicated professionals collectively have over three hundred years of experience in the health and rehabilitation sector. We provide individual health, wellness and recovery programs for our guests and ensure that you are supported throughout your time at our luxury retreat by our range of multidisciplinary staff. Our private facility is a safe therapeutic space for guests to seek healing and recovery. Contact us today to discuss your drug rehabilitation goals.