The Banyans Health and Wellness offers thorough, professional guidance for those wishing to achieve long-lasting freedom from alcohol misuse.

Program Highlights
  • Access to a diverse and highly qualified medical team including with Addiction Medicine Specialist, General Practitioners, onsite Psychiatrist and onsite Registered Nurses
  • Multidisciplinary program incorporating psychological, emotional, nutritional and physical therapies
  • Advanced genetic testing to identify underlying biological contributors to alcohol dependence or addiction

Private hospital detox

Detox from alcohol dependency or addiction can be a serious health risk if not undertaken with appropriate medical and psychological support. If necessary, the Medical Director may recommend a short stay in a private hospital before you arrive at The Banyans. If you are experiencing a physical dependency, the removal of alcohol can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be fatal if not undertaken with proper medical supervision.

Equine therapy has shown to be a powerful inclusion in the best drug rehab programs.

Addiction Medicine Specialist

Dr Christian Rowan, an Addiction Medicine Specialist, will direct the medical team at The Banyans in supporting you throughout your recovery. Reviews with Dr Rowan (as clinically required) and a team of registered nurses ensure the highest standard of appropriate medical attention, far surpassing other private centres.

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Onsite psychiatrist

Lead onsite psychiatrist Dr Anja Kriegeskotten and a team of consulting psychiatrists meet with guests to review medications and provide integrated treatment. Dr Anja considers personal experiences with alcohol dependency, past medical treatments and other potentially co-occurring conditions to ensure highly effective pharmaceutical and therapeutic support.

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Emotional and psychological therapies

The Banyans Health and Wellness dedicates a large portion of each program to evidence based emotional therapies including emerging areas of practice, such as brain spotting. In uncovering the issues behind alcohol misuse, individuals can address the concerns underlying their experience and unlock long-lasting recovery.

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Physical therapies

Physical therapies such as yoga, resistance training and cardio-based workouts restore the body’s energy, strength and metabolic processing, while also contributing to improvements in mental and emotional health.


Nutritional therapies

Advanced genetic testing specifically focuses on how you individually metabolise alcohol and what physiological effect it has on your body. This allows for more targeted, personalised approaches to nutritional correction and recovery.

Food Mixture

For those who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions. We are able to incorporate elements of treatment for mental health, chronic stress, trauma, and eating disorder into a program for substance misuse and abuse.

I am going home equipped to deal with my past problem with alcohol. I believe that I will succeed with ‘quitting the drink’.

– Previous Guest