Bipolar treatment and rehab at The Banyans


What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder, a pervasive mental health condition, affects approximately 3% of the Australian population annually — that’s one in fifty Australians each year. At its core, bipolar disorder involves intense mood swings, cycling between episodes of extreme highs and lows. The unpredictability of these mood shifts can significantly impact an individual’s daily life, but bipolar treatment and rehab can offer hope and stability.

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

The symptoms of bipolar disorder manifest in two distinct phases: mania and depression, or the aforementioned highs and lows. Individuals may experience heightened excitement, grandiosity, impulsivity and a reduced need for sleep during manic episodes, while depressive phases bring about feelings of extreme lowness, helplessness and withdrawal from daily activities. Recognising these symptoms is crucial for an accurate diagnosis and effective bipolar treatment.

The bipolar spectrum — varied experiences

There are different types of bipolar disorders, and you can think of bipolar disorder as a spectrum. The condition encompasses various types that differ in the intensity and duration of mood episodes. For example, individuals who experience Bipolar I are characterised by having severe manic episodes and depressive episodes.

On the other hand, Bipolar II involves less severe manic episodes, known as hypomania, alongside depressive episodes. Additionally, Cyclothymic Disorder represents a milder form of bipolar disorder, with less extreme mood swings but persistent fluctuations.

Causes of bipolar disorder — unravelling the complexity

While the exact causes of bipolar disorder remain elusive, there are contributing factors. Genetic predisposition and substance misuse are believed to play a role in the development of bipolar disorder — the intricate interplay of these factors makes each individual’s experience unique, requiring personalised bipolar treatment approaches.

How can rehab or treatment for bipolar disorder help?

Holistic support for long-term bipolar treatment and management has helped many people address the multifaceted nature of the condition, creating a structured and supportive environment where individuals with bipolar disorder can:

  • Heal mentally and emotionally.
  • Learn and develop the necessary skills for sustainable self-management.

The Banyans understands how crucial this aspect of bipolar treatment in Australia is — that is why our programs aim to equip individuals with the skills and strategies needed for their own long-term management, fostering emotional stability and overall wellbeing to ultimately pave the way for a more stable and fulfilling life.

What does bipolar treatment at The Banyans involve?

We provide the best, comprehensive care for lasting recovery — The Banyans’ bipolar treatment programs integrate medical, psychological and holistic therapies. Our multidisciplinary team, comprising specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists and holistic therapists, collaboratively provides personalised care.

Treatment involves advanced genetic testing for tailored nutritional plans, psychological therapy sessions, emotional therapies, including equine-assisted therapy and art therapy and physical therapies such as yoga and exercise.

In the tranquil setting of southeast Queensland, Australia, The Banyans is a haven offering luxury residential programs and day programs for those seeking confidential and effective bipolar disorder treatment. We also offer online programs for bipolar treatment — learn more about our comprehensive approach, the different conditions we treat and our different bipolar disorder rehab programs.

For any questions or concerns, check out our FAQs or contact us. Our commitment to individualised care ensures that each guest receives the support they need to navigate the challenges of bipolar disorder. Join us today and embark on a path to lasting recovery.