Discover The Banyans confidential, luxury mental health retreat for NZ guests


Residential Program | Offering residential treatment for mental health and addiction concerns, starting from $19,950 AUD.

The Banyans mental health retreat for nz guests
The Banyans luxury mental health retreat treats many guests travelling from NZ


Nestled amongst the serene mountains and lakes of Brisbane (Australia’s) hinterland region, The Banyans luxury mental health retreat guarantees NZ guests the utmost confidentiality and privacy. Transport yourself away from the stress and triggers at home in NZ, and transform your wellbeing in an environment of clinical excellence. With bountiful nature on our doorstep, many of our guests travel from New Zealand, and also make a holiday after their stay following their program.

Gain access to The Banyans’ industry-leading medical and health experts and recover to your full potential. With our evidence-based, holistic approach, the effectiveness of our programs are proven by The Banyans outstanding recovery success rate. Working with our multidisciplinary team to treat all facets of your health and wellbeing, we arm you with a toolkit to live your fullest life.


The Banyans at Home Program | Gain access to our world-class recovery programs and industry-leading health professionals online, starting from $24,495 AUD.

Some circumstances in life may make it difficult for our New Zealand guests to travel to our luxury mental health retreat. Instead, you can experience the certainty of an expert team at home. Our digitally delivered 14-day recovery and rehabilitation programs provide support and telehealth treatment for mental health and dependency concerns that can be managed in this setting. The Banyans at Home package will deliver you the professional support and skills you need to rediscover the fullness of life.



Recover in a world-class holiday destination

Offering private, luxury accommodation amongst the mountains and lakes of Brisbane (Australia’s) hinterland region, transform your wellbeing in a calm and serene environment.


  • Private location, confidentiality guaranteed
  • Direct flights from Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington & Queenstown to Brisbane
  • Luxury accommodation in serene Brisbane, Australia hinterland
  • Offsite recreation and sight-seeing
  • Ease of access to sought-after holiday destination
  • Guests can actively involve loved ones for support during their recovery journey
The Banyans luxury mental health retreat is ideal for New Zealand guests

With Australia’s most iconic beaches & rainforests on our doorstep, many guests from NZ follow their program with a grounding holiday.

The Banyans has abundant nautre on its doorstep, making it a popular destination for guests from NZ

Take advantage of The Banyans private and secluded location, and find clarity in paradise.

The Banyans retreat is located near Queenslands best beaches which are popular with guests from NZ

Transport yourself away from the stress and triggers at home in New Zealand, and transform your wellbeing in an environment of clinical excellence. Rediscover what living well feels like with The Banyans.

Benefits from a program with The Banyans

  • Effective treatment & excellent recovery success rate
  • Evidence-based, holistic treatment in an environment of clinical excellence
  • Outstanding clinical reputation
  • Industry-leading medical & health professionals
  • Access to multidisciplinary team including a psychologist, psychiatrist, nutritionist, on-site chef, exercise physiologist, physiotherapist, yoga therapist, art therapist & music therapist.
  • World-class mental health retreat & high-quality program with all accreditations
  • One-on-one therapy for focused recovery
  • Chef-made meals
  • Accommodating up to only ten guests at a time
  • Programs tailored to your needs.
  • If appropriate, we can work with your local support team in New Zealand to aid the continuity of your care



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The Banyans Residence

Residential Programs

The Banyans Residential Program is renowned for world-class, comprehensive rehabilitation that works to restore and rejuvenate the whole person – equipping guests with the required tools to overcome their challenges. Receive individualised, one-on-one sessions across our four pillars of treatment: Medical, Psychological, Nutritional and Physical. Supporting an intimate group of up to ten guests at a time, The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence offers clients true luxury within an immersive luxury mental health retreat setting.



The Banyans Health & Wellness

The Banyans at Home


  • Engage in a complete recovery program from anywhere in the world, requiring only a consistent internet connection and a digital device.
  • Experience The Banyans program, including personalised and private therapies, physical training, nutrition education and lifestyle coaching.
  • Flexible scheduling arrangements allow you to continue your everyday life, while receiving thorough support and care for your recovery.
  • Versatile program intensity, with delivery ranging from 14 to 28 days to fit your schedule and availability.



“This program gave me not just a reason to keep going, but to look forward to a much fuller and enriching life ahead. Through all the facets of the program I discovered myself again and found what I truly value. The holistic approach really spoke to me, and my health and brain function has improved out of sight. The meals, the supplements, the mindfulness, even the spa. I will take these things and implement them in my daily life to sustain me going forward.”



“My care team went above and beyond. Their level of care was out of this world in knowledge and compassion. I have seen psychologists, psychiatrists and dieticians in the past and they seemed like novices compared to them. I was blown away by my treatment here, everyone wanted me to succeed, and I felt very safe in the scariest of situations. I was able to trust completely in the process as I felt 100% secure in the knowledge I was being looked after by absolutely everyone here.”



Committed to excellence

Our programs bring together qualified, expert practitioners to deliver integrated mental health treatment and recovery.

Our programs support our guests to make life-long changes. You will experience:

Professional registrations

Our highly experienced team are registered with and regulated by the relevant industry organisations.

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