Alcohol Misuse, Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcohol misuse and abuse can have serious implications for health and wellbeing and requires professional treatment. Many people who are drinking at levels harmful to their health continue to function in the workplace or family. Often, misuse or abuse of alcohol is hidden from family or colleagues, and sometimes people who are at risk of alcoholism are in denial about the size of the health problem they have.

People are who are dependent on or addicted to alcohol – physically or psychologically – often experience:

  • An intense desire or craving for alcohol
  • Drinking habits that are out of control
  • Tolerance to alcohol so they can drink more and more and not appear affected
  • Physical withdrawal when they are not drinking, such as shakes, sweats or other symptoms.

Men and women experience alcohol dependency while women are statistically less likely to reach out for help. The good news is that help is possible.

Alcohol dependence can often result from self-medication of stress, depression or anxiety. It is a health condition characterised by an emotional compulsion to drink, even when these drinking habits cause problems.

In some ways, alcohol dependence is similar to other drug dependence as it causes significant health problems, can disrupt or damage family relationships, impact on professional performance, cause deteriorating mental wellbeing and can cause chronic illness such as liver damage, or contribute to cancers. If untreated, alcoholism can lead to early death. At the very least, alcohol misuse causes a diminished quality of life.

When considering treatment options, it is very important to be aware that detox from a physical dependency on alcohol is extremely dangerous if not undertaken with close medical supervision. For this reason, the Addiction Specialist Physician at The Banyans Health and Wellness will assess if a hospital based detox is required prior to a residential program.


How The Banyans treats Alcohol Misuse, Abuse and Alcoholism

With the highest qualified team in Australia, and advanced testing, the treatment programs at The Banyans can identify underlying causes which result in alcohol misuse or addiction. DNA and other genetic predispositions can make people more vulnerable to addiction or mood disorders. The tailored programs also help identify underlying emotional triggers that can lead to unhealthy alcohol use and provide skills and tools to manage stress and anxiety without alcohol.

At The Banyans addiction rehab retreat, the tailored and flexible treatment programs

  • Help you understand why you are drinking;
  • Provide relapse prevention strategies and pharmacological support if necessary;
  • Work with you and provide professional therapeutic support to address the underlying causes;
  • Provide strategies and tools to live a meaningful and fulfilling life without the health damages of alcohol misuse.

It is possible to overcome unhealthy alcohol habits so you regain your life and look with hope to the future. Prolonged alcohol use can cause serious health issues and damage wellbeing and relationships. If alcohol use has resulted in physical dependency, detox must be medically supervised as the risks of withdrawal are severe. An assessment will determine if this is necessary.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Our Holistic Rehab Centre

When you arrive at the Wellness Residence, your integrated and tailored wellness program is delivered in a caring and supportive environment. This program uses physical therapy including yoga, personal training, martial arts and other physical exercise, to strengthen your body. Intensive, individual psychotherapy with Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other degree qualified therapists help to identify why you are drinking to unhealthy levels. As you develop greater understanding and awareness, you are also provided the mental and emotional tools to gain greater purpose and hope. The advanced testing provides unique insights into your biochemical composition and what predispositions you have, as well as how to nurture your body nutritionally, to address any deficiencies. New skills and experiences help spark joy

The Banyans’ strategy is truly holistic, addressing many dimensions of wellness.  Your flexible program ensures that the pace of therapy is tailored for you so that you can grow and develop new skills and enthusiasm for life again. Most importantly, you experience the measurable results of a program focused on results.

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