A tailored approach, such as that of The Banyans, is extremely important in order to help young adults receive the skills required for lifelong health and wellness.

Young people often find themselves facing challenging circumstances, which are formative in their growth and development. Even small changes at this point of life can have a significant influence on their future life trajectory.

Program Highlights
  • A holistic, research-based approach that aims to restore and equip individuals in all areas of wellbeing
  • Flexible residential program allowing for the continuation of studies
  • Advanced genetic testing to identify underlying biological contributors to experiences, challenges or difficulties
  • Convenient day program where young people from 16+ (15 years on a case-by-case basis) are supported through an intensive day of treatment one day each week

Highly qualified specialists

The Banyans has a highly qualified team in the area of youth and young adult therapy. Our clinicians are well versed in working with young people.

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One-on-one attention

At The Banyans, each young person is provided with strategies and methods of gaining personal insight that is specific for their life stage and personal obstacles. Entirely one-on-one therapy encourages vulnerability and honesty, and removes self-censorship which can happen in group therapy.

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Day program

Our Mental Health Day Program, provides young people with outpatient support one day each week for eight weeks, allowing them to address their mental health concerns with minimal impact to their schedule.


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Purpose built residence

For some individuals, school or university commitments can be a barrier to engaging in a residential program. Our tailored and flexible residential program structure allows for arrangements that can accommodate these commitments. We have team members available twenty-four hours a day, and with a maximum of ten guests in the residence, you can be assured that a friendly face is willing and available if you wish. Each guest of the Banyans is accommodated in their private suite with ensuite, enabling personal space and privacy as desired.


Welcoming young adults

We are generally able to welcome guests from the age of 17 into our residential program, but may be able to support people aged 15 or 16 years if clinically suitable. Please contact our team who will advise if you, or your loved one may be suitable for our program. Our eating disorder program is able to support those over the age of 18. Every staff member at The Banyans holds a Working With Children (WWC QLD Blue Card) approval. The Banyans is one of Australia’s only residential retreats that offer private programs for young adults under the age of 18.

Our Mental Health Day Program can support young people from 16 years (or 15 years on a case by case basis).

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For youth and young adults who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions. The Banyans can incorporate treatments for depression, anxiety, substance misuse, eating disorder, or trauma into an individualised youth and young adult program.

Young adults need a holistic approach to recovery, that will equip them with healthy coping strategies. Even small changes have big impacts on the trajectory of their lives.