Relationships, especially those with a spouse or partner, are one of the most influential aspects contributing to our health and wellbeing. Engaging in a relationship intensive program at The Banyans will equip you with the tools needed to build a deep connection and satisfying relationship.

Program Highlights
  • Benefit from multiple half day couples therapy intensive with a therapist who uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy;
  • Connect with your spouse or partner through self-directed quality time and organised activities;
  • Focus on your relationship and rebuild your foundations as a couple;
  • Relax and recharge together as you enjoy luxury spa and massage, and engage in personal training, yoga and mindfulness.

Gottman Relational Therapy

Guests will benefit from multiple half day couples therapy session with a therapist who uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy. The Gottman approach is a research based framework for relationship therapy, focusing on couples, parents and professionals. Sessions are designed to support couples and repair strained or broken aspects of relationships. The Gottman treatment approach also strengthens happy relationships, and equips you with skills for ongoing growth.

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Private quality time for connection

The Building Stronger Relationships intensive at The Banyans includes therapy-free afternoons for couples to spend together. Through self-directed quality time or organised offsite activities, this time is for couples to intentionally reconnect and enjoy each others company once again.

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Rest and relax with therapeutic inclusions

Relationships thrive when each person is rested and relaxed. Enjoy spa and massage therapies at Stephanie’s Luxury Spa, and benefit from The Banyans highly experienced personal trainers and yoga therapist.

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Build long-lasting changes

Unlike other relationship therapies, the holistic approach of The Banyans relationship intensive focuses on repairing and strengthening a relationship. Be equipped to understand your partner or loved one better by exploring communication, intimacy and more. With onsite psychologists, counsellors and wellness coaches available to support you throughout your stay, your time with your therapist keeps your relationship intensive focussed and effective.

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Personalised program for each couple

The Building Stronger Relationships intensive can be incorporated as part of another treatment program, or can be undertaken as a stand alone program. Contact our team to design your unique, personalised program.


The program was truly holistic, which I regards as one of the key competitive advantages of The Banyans.

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