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Finding it difficult to receive face-to-face treatment isn’t uncommon. In fact, hundreds of people choose to seek therapeutic support online, instead of attending a residential facility. For experiences of mental health, substance misuse or trauma, The Banyans at Home package will deliver you the professional support and skills you need to rediscover the fullness of life.



The certainty of expert support in changing or tumultuous times

Connection with Australia’s most diverse recovery team, without needing to travel

A personalised and focused program designed for enhanced support and development

Intentional design for remote delivery using user-friendly technologies and easily accessible materials

Program Highlights
  • Engage in a complete recovery program from anywhere in the world, requiring only a consistent internet connection and a digital device.
  • Experience The Banyans program, including personalised and private therapies, physical training, nutrition education and lifestyle coaching.
  • Flexible scheduling arrangements allow you to continue your everyday life, while receiving thorough support and care for your recovery.
  • Versatile program intensity, with delivery ranging from 14 to 28 days to fit your schedule and availability.

A therapy rich recovery program

The Banyans at Home package is a complete program for non-acute experiences of mental health, addiction, trauma, chronic stress and eating disorder. This means you access the team, time and tools to make a complete recovery and rediscover the fullness of life.

Intentionally designed for remote delivery

You will experience a powerful remote mode of delivery, utilising the most simple, user-friendly tools and technologies. The Banyans at Home program is designed to optimise your engagement with treating professionals.

A robust team of treating professionals

With a daily schedule set for you each day, you will receive diverse treatment from an array of degree-qualified therapists. The Banyans at Home package allows you to connect with some of Australia’s most highly experienced therapists, spanning medicine, emotional and psychological therapies, nutrition and physical exercise.

Premium quality treatment – home delivered.

Discover The Banyans at Home.

I was nervous about psychology, but it quickly became one of my favourite parts of the program. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Previous guest at The Banyans

Our unique treatment process

Make an enquiry

Talk to our experienced team about how The Banyans at Home program may be a suitable option for you or a loved one.

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Confirm your placement

With strictly limited places available, it is essential that you confirm your placement with your Intake Manager. From there, our Clinical team can begin our unique approach to designing your program.

Begin your program

Once you are ready to commence your program, you will begin scheduling your therapeutic activities with your Therapeutic Program Coordinator. You will download the app, and create accounts for digital delivery.

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Engage in The Banyans at Home

Your scheduled sessions will commence, and you will be sent a Recovery Starter kit in the mail. The program will require approximately three to five hours per day, plus your own time for reflection and personal activities.

Rediscover the fullness of life

Throughout the program, you will experience the time, tools and support needed to regain control and discover the fullness of life.

Why choose The Banyans at Home?

The certainty of expert support in changing or tumultuous times

Connection with Australia’s most diverse recovery team, without needing to travel

A personalised and focused program designed for enhanced support and development

Intentional design for remote delivery using user-friendly technologies and easily accessible materials


Frequently asked questions


The Banyans at Home is designed for non-acute experiences of mental health conditions, substance use, trauma, eating disorder and chronic stress. Each program is personalised to you and your unique experiences.

For those who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions. We are able to incorporate elements of treatment for mental health, substance misuse and abuse, trauma, eating disorder and chronic stress into The Banyans at Home program.

The Banyans at Home program is designed to fit into your schedule. It can be delivered over 14 to 28 days.

The Banyans at Home program varies for each individual. However, a standard program includes:

  • Psychiatry,
  • Emotional and psychological therapies, including Psychology, Neurologic Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and directed mindfulness and meditation;
  • Personal physical training,
  • Nutrition and dietary advice,
  • Unscheduled assigned viewing and self directed work.

The Banyans have aimed to make this program as flexible and simple as possible. You will need a:

  • Digital device with camera access, such as a laptop, phone or tablet;
  • Stable internet connection;
  • Allocated, uninterrupted portion of time each day;
  • Set of basic stationery, including writing pens and paper;
  • Basic set of activewear.


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