Nutritional imbalance can be brought on by the inability of an individual’s body to take in and absorb specific nutrients or it may even result from a poor diet plan. Depending on the nutrients that a person is lacking or in excess supply of, imbalances develop undesirable side effects and conditions that could eventually lead to serious disease.


Every person requires certain levels of macro- and micronutrients in your everyday diet plan and some foods you do not require at all. If you follow a unique diet specific to your own needs, consulting a nutritionist or your doctor can be the first step to understanding if you’re getting a wide range of healthy nutrients within your diet.

Diet planning and nutrition are essential aspects of your treatment here at The Banyans Wellness retreat.

During your stay with us, you will take pleasure in the services of your own personal chef. All the food that is prepared and ready for you will be fresh, light, unprocessed, natural and in-season, where possible. Your individual chef will shop daily for fresh components and all of the menus will be developed specifically to nurture you and to strengthen you as a whole.


The Right Menu For Your Needs

Menus will be prepared according to the suggestions of our professionals in order to attend to deficiencies in your diet and to enhance your body.


We aim to take into account your individual dietary choices and your chef will determine from the outset, any specific requests you might have regarding your diet.


Your personal chef will also put in the time to offer you with information on nutrition and if you have an interest in cooking, will teach you the best ways to prepare recommended meals.

A wide range of nutritional testing is available as part of your wellness plan. To see the range of tests and how they help you, see Nutrition Therapy.