How do I know if I have an addiction or mood disorder?

Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain from which people can and do recover. Addiction can take many forms and vary in nature. You may be psychologically dependent or physically dependent on a substance, or have a psychological dependency relating to a certain behaviour. The good news is that recovery is possible and a holistic approach, which is tailored to your unique set of circumstances, provides the best opportunity to get well.

Of course, if you suspect you or a loved one might suffer from an addiction, we recommend you speak to a trained professional. Contact us now to speak to one of our expert team.


My loved one has a problem but doesn’t want to get help. What should I do?

It’s important that your loved one makes the decision for themselves about seeing treatment for their addiction or mental health condition. If they are not yet ready to make that decision, it can be heartbreaking for family members. In situations like this, the most important thing you can do is assure them of your love and remind them that when they do want help, you will support them in this decision.

If you think your loved one could benefit from a trained counsellor helping you to discuss treatment options, we can connect you with a trusted intervention service.

It’s also important to care for yourself during periods when a loved one is suffering from a chronic disease such as addiction. Find a psychologist or other mental health professional to undertake therapy with so that you care for your wellbeing.


What is the approach to treatment for mental health, trauma and addiction at The Banyans Health and Wellness?

We have a medically informed, biopsychosocial holistic support approach to providing addiction treatment, relapse prevention, mental health support and recovery programs.

This means you have the best of both worlds – excellent medical support and extensive allied health support to strengthen the healing of the body, emotions and mind. We have a holistic, natural approach to provide extensive and personalised support for body, mind and soul. This gives you the best of all approaches to healing and wellbeing, working collaboratively together for your results, rather than working at odds or in silos. We are the most comprehensive option in Australia, giving you access to the highest level of team expertise.


What medical treatment is available through The Banyans Health and Wellness?

Traditional medicine has much to offer and innovations in addiction treatment continue to be developed. We work with Addiction Medicine specialists and experienced GPs to provide medically assisted detox when needed, along with a variety of relapse prevention treatment options to help eliminate physical cravings.


What psychiatric treatment is available through The Banyans Health and Wellness?

We also work with Psychiatrists for comprehensive mental health assessments and medication reviews. Often, addiction and substance dependency can occur because of an undiagnosed mental health concern such as anxiety, depression, trauma or other mood disorder. Working together then, our medical consultants can provide you with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options. The Equine Therapy at The Banyans is conducted by a team, with a Psychiatrist and Equine Specialist, accredited by EAGALA, the leading international association for practitioners.


What is biopsychosocial support?

The biopsychosocial support involves our allied health team working together and in collaboration with our consulting Medical and Psychiatric doctors. This provides you with individual psychological therapy using a range of modalities. You will benefit from nutritional diagnosis to see how deficiencies are affecting your mental and emotional wellbeing. This includes insight into how your own physiological profile interacts with different medications and food types, so your nutritional treatment can be tailored. For a full review of our therapies, please see here. You will also benefit from any required physiotherapy, exercise programs overseen by Personal Trainers, various therapeutics


What therapy options does The Banyans provide?

For a full review of our therapies, please see here. You are always welcome to speak with our Senior Psychologist prior to arriving, so you can ask more detailed questions about the therapy approach we use.


What availability do you have?

Availability changes from week to week so we would encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements. Once you have made the decision to get well, a deposit will ensure that your suite is reserved for you and the pre-arrival preparations commence. It’s important to act to get well while you are motivated as this means you are ready to engage in therapy and the work of getting well.


How many guests are there?

We have just a handful of guests at any time, with no more than six bedrooms available for guests, so you have very personal attention.


Do I have my own space?

Your luxury suite is spacious and provides your own place to rest, read, refresh and write. With a marble ensuite, walk in robe, armchairs and writing desk, it’s your private oasis.  You can enjoy some entertainment in your own suite with a flat screen television. You may wish to read or journal in your room, although many guests also find the expansive gardens and poolside decks equally fitting areas for this. Depending on availability and preference, you can select a Luxury suite, King Luxury Suite or The Grand Banyan Suite.


Is there internet access?

Access to the internet is staged throughout your stay, depending on your personal circumstances and the individual program designed for you. Particularly for those with an internet-based addiction, disconnection from access is an important stage of your recovery. However, all of us benefit from the digital detox part of the program. This is usually the first week or two of your stay. It allows you to focus on your recovery and engaging with the therapeutic wellness program.  If you need to attend to work commitments, please discuss this with us during your discovery calls so we can help you consider what arrangements can be put in place to avoid distraction during your settling in period.


How much free time do I have?

Your recovery is the single most important focus of your stay with us. That will include a mixture of therapy, rest and relaxation, pathology appointments, exercise and more. Your schedule is filled with activities that have proven to be effective in recovery and the rehabilitation process. Your first week will have a number of assessments and some of these are done off-site, so we balance this activity with the opportunity to rest.  Sleep is an important part of rehabilitation and recovery, allowing your brain and body to heal.  Some of the activities in your schedule are designed to promote sleep hygiene to help you get the best sleep you’ve had in a long time.


Where is The Banyans Health and Wellness?

We are located in south-east Queensland, with our recovery residence located in a beautiful serene mountain area providing a quiet oasis for our guests. Within easy reach of two international airports we can chauffer you from your residence or pick you up from the airport.  We partner with medical facilities on both the southside and northside of Brisbane as well as the inner city.


Does private health insurance cover any of the costs?

Private health insurance can be used for parts of the rehabilitation treatment process, particularly the detox stage.  This detox stage occurs in a private hospital, where you have the confidence of the best of medical care to keep you safe and comfortable. Private health insurance applies to this stage of the process and the level of cover varies from policy to policy.  Our recovery residence is not a hospital and private health insurance does not currently cover private residential addiction treatment or recovery facilities in Australia.


How long do your programs go for?

The length of your program depends on what you are seeking support and treatment for.  If you require detox, our Medical Director will discuss with you how long this will take.  Your residential stay is then tailored to achieve the outcomes you are looking for in the time you have available. We will be honest with you about what can be achieved in the length of stay you are hoping for. We will tell you the truth about if your preferred length of stay is too short, or even if you can reduce the length of time you were thinking of being in residence.


Is aftercare provided?

Our Clincal Director and Senior Psychologist works with you throughout your residential stay to develop your recovery goals and design an aftercare program.  This varies for each person, and can include a number of different aspects such as continuing a quit smoking program, finding ongoing psychiatric care, or implementing a new nutritional plan. Our wellness coaches, nutritionist and psychiatrist are also available for support during your aftercare program.


What are the costs of programs?

Costs vary depending on the kind of addiction recovery or mental health program you require and our team can provide you an estimate of costs once we have some more information about your particular situation.  If you would like an estimate, you can fill in an secure form to get a general quote from one of our expert team.


Can I smoke at The Banyans?

We believe in removing obstacles to getting well so we allow guests to bring cigarettes with them when seeking recovery from other substances. We also provide quit smoking support for guests.


How accessible and inclusive is The Banyans?

The Banyans offers a ground floor suite that has designed for wheelchair access, including dual access to the suite, a push button entry, wide doors and wheelchair accessible bathroom. Guests travel internationally to stay at The Banyans Wellness Residence, as well as from interstate, and guests of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations are welcome.

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