Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety condition that can have long-term impacts on an individual’s health, wellbeing and lifestyle. With a clinically appropriate approach to therapy, individuals can experience long-term freedom from PTSD and regain the fullness of life at The Banyans Health and Wellness.

Program Highlights
  • Small guest capacity (with no more than ten guests) and entirely one-on-one therapy to ensure privacy, comfort and thorough care and attention. Guests are safe and well supported throughout their program.
  • Onsite EAGALA equine assisted therapy with lead Psychiatrist and highly qualified equine therapist, experienced in treating trauma and PTSD
  • Multimodal program delivered by registered therapists, including psychologists, music therapists, art therapists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists and more.

Onsite EAGALA equine assisted therapy

Equine therapy has shown to encourage significant improvements in individuals experiencing PTSD. Dr Anja Kriegeskotten, onsite psychiatrist and EAGALA certified equine therapist, engages regularly with guests to provide a safe therapeutic space. Guests with PTSD benefit from the connection with an animal rather than a person, and the use of representation to process potentially difficult experiences.

Equine therapy has shown to be a powerful inclusion in the best drug rehab programs.

Highly qualified, registered therapists

The multimodal program at The Banyans allows guests to engage with a number of degree-qualified, registered therapists that support and equip them throughout their program. Research based alternative therapies such as music therapy, art therapy and equine therapy have shown to be particularly beneficial for those experiencing PTSD, and can be included in a guest’s tailored program.

Male therapist talking to woman

Effective psychological treatments for trauma and PTSD

The highly qualified psychologists and psychiatrists at The Banyans have extensive experience in trauma-specific therapy modalities, including eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), brainspotting, EAGALA assisted equine therapy, and cognitive processing therapy.

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Entirely individual program

The Banyans Health and Wellness team understands the deeply personal and vulnerable aspects of therapy, especially when processing traumatic events. The therapeutic aspect of your program at The Banyans is entirely one-on-one, to ensure that you experience the safety, privacy and security required for deep healing and long-term recovery.

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DVA approved

Depending on your circumstances, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) may be able to support your program at The Banyans. The Intake team is able to work on your submission alongside you and your team of treating professionals. For more information, please mention this in your enquiry.

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For those who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions. We are able to incorporate elements of treatment for mental health, substance misuse and abuse, chronic stress, grief and trauma, and eating disorder into a program for PTSD.

I feel like I am living life again, and it feels good in every way!

– Previous Guest