Traumatic life events can leave deep psychological or emotional wounds, regardless of an individual’s previous history. The ongoing effects of trauma can be distressing and disruptive to a person’s lifestyle, health and wellbeing if comprehensive therapeutic support is not received.

Program Highlights
  • A safe environment to process with thorough psychological and emotional support from Psychiatrists, registered psychologists and Masters-degree qualified counsellors
  • Opportunities for deep healing through strong therapeutic relationships with multiple treating professionals, including Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Music Therapists, Art Therapists and Masters-degree qualified Counsellors
  • Opportunities to develop practical tools and strength to regain hope for your future

Psychological and emotional therapies

Guests partner with a number of emotional and psychological therapists to help process deep grief and work towards long-term healing and restoration. Your individually tailored program may include a variety of traditional and ancillary therapies, to ensure that you engage in therapy modalities that suit your needs and experiences. These therapies include psychiatry, psychology, counselling, music therapy, art therapy, and EAGALA equine-assisted therapy.

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Entirely one-one-one, individual program

At The Banyans, your entire program is delivered privately. All therapy sessions are offered one-on-one to ensure confidentiality, and encourage openness, safety and deep healing.

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24/7 support and care

Staff at The Banyans Health and Wellness are onsite 24 hours a day, ensuring that guests are supported at any time necessary. The boutique capacity of The Banyans residence allows for an excellent staff to guest ratio, offering a level of privacy and care that is necessary for healing and comfort.

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Restful, purpose built residence

Recovery and restoration are encouraged in the serene, restful surrounds of The Banyans. Recharge overlooking the valley from the luxury infinity pool, or spend time relaxing in your private suite or guest lounge. Guests also utilise the industry equipped gym, theatre, library, yoga space and lounge areas.


For those who may be experiencing more than one condition, the personalised nature of each program can incorporate elements of treatment for multiple conditions. We are able to incorporate elements of treatment for mental health, substance misuse and abuse, chronic stress, trauma, and eating disorder into a program for grief.

Thank you to The Banyans team for everything, my time here was a truly life changing experience.

– Previous Guest