Tailored Rehab for Alcohol Addiction at Private Wellness Retreat

Our health and wellness centre is a residential facility that provides rehab for alcohol addiction. We offer tailored programs to our guests who will receive professional support from our fully trained staff throughout their stay. We will help you rediscover health and wellness in our private, luxurious and serene environment.

Benefits of Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

You will receive one-on-one therapy at our Health and Wellness Centre and your rehabilitation will remain confidential and private.

  • Private Retreat: We are located in the outer northern suburbs of Brisbane and have on-site facilities available for up to eight guests. This small number of guests at any one time makes for a quiet and calm environment which is supported by our on-site therapy team. Our private facility also operates under external regulations so you can be confident you will feel safe in our therapeutic space.
  • Professional Staff: We have a team of highly-qualified staff across a wide variety of disciplines. These multidisciplinary areas include medicine, emotional and psychological therapies, nutrition and physical exercise. Our team also maintain current professional registration with the appropriate medical bodies. We have formal partnerships with hospitals, general practitioners, Addiction Medicine Specialists, Psychiatrists and registered nurses.
  • Tailored Program: Our one-on-one therapy means we adapt a rehabilitation program for you and your recovery, wellness and health. This therapeutic approach is highly beneficial for long-term progress.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our Alcohol Addiction Rebab

You will get more out of our wellness facility when you embrace our luxury retreat feel with various therapeutic offerings.

  • Nutritional Nourishment: Our in-house executive chef provides an array of nutritional food which will nourish you, under the guidance of a qualified nutritionist. You will have a personalised nutritional profile where you will receive nutrient-rich and organic food that is an integral part of your health and wellness recovery. This profile is also an informative part of our therapy in which we help you understand the importance of food and what to buy when you prepare meals.
  • Physical Activity: We have an on-site pool and gym for physical exercise to be incorporated into your therapy. Our yoga classes are also available with yoga therapists tailoring a session to your well-being and assisting you with grounding and peace of mind.
  • Wellness Masterclass: You will hear from encouraging speakers and trainers with our wellness masterclass that is available from time to time. We also have a large number of professional health practitioners you can access in-house which will help you further develop every area of your wellness.

Why Trust The Banyan as an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Retreat?

We are a private rehabilitation, health and wellness centre that provides a luxury retreat for our guests. Our staff are highly trained and qualified to support and assist our guests in their tailored therapy and recovery program. You will benefit from our relaxing environment and one-on-one therapy sessions which we conduct in confidence and privacy. Contact us today for support with your recovery.